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Comprehensive Plan

The Ellwood City Area School District is a Phase 1 school in regards to Comprehensive Planning.  The Pennsylvania Department of Education has recently changed the Comprehensive Planning timelines for Phase 1 schools and changed the portal in which the plan is to be submitted.  In doing so, there are only four requirements that are to be approved by November 30, 2019 and the rest of the plan is due March 30, 2020.  The new portal will not be released until January 2020.  The four sections that are to be approved in November are:
  • Professional Education Plan
  • Induction Plan
  • Safe and Supportive Schools - includes student services requirements
  • Chapter 12 and 14 Assurances
They are to be on public display for 30 days before approval by the school board.  Below is are the four sections for public display.