School Visitation

When visiting a school please make sure that you call ahead and set up an appointment with who you want to meet with. All visitors are required to have proper ID. It is used in the RAPTOR system. All visitors must have a visitor pass to enter the school area.
Parent Teacher Meetings

Please contact your child’s teacher directly to set up a teacher meeting all email addresses have the following format and can be found in our staff directory:
EX: Joe Smith   [email protected]
All volunteers of the ECASD are required to have the following clearances dated within 5 years:
1.  Child Abuse (Act 33)-
The PA Child Abuse clearance can be completed online.  Click on the website which will walk you through the process of creating a new account in Compass to allow you to complete the Child Abuse clearance online.  Make sure  you select Department of Education and Volunteer.   Volunteers are entitled to one free child abuse clearance every 5 years.  The online process takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete and either will be available to print immediately or you will get an email within 14 days with the clearance to print. 
2.  Criminal History (Act 34)-  Click on website which brings you to "PA Access to Criminal History".  Near the center of the page click on New Record Check (Volunteers Only).  This will allow you to complete the info, you will be able to print the result immediately.  Make sure you click on the blue "CERTIFICATION" form to print.  This will print the actual clearance.  This clearance is also free to volunteers once every 5 years.
3.  FBI Fingerprinting (Act 114)- Enter service code 1KG6XN. Click on Schedule or Manage Appointment.  Enter all of you information.  You will then be asked to schedule an appointment at a location that is most convenient to you.  You must take your proof of identification that you selected when registering to your appointment.  The cost for fingerprinting for volunteers is $22.60 to be paid at the fingerprint location using a credit card, business check or money order (no cash or personal checks will be accepted).  After you have completed the fingerprinting the school will need a copy of your receipt showing your UEID#.  We are able to use that number to access your results online.