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Nut Aware Policy



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Tree Nut / Peanut Awareness Policy


The Ellwood City Area School District is making an effort to create an environment that is “Tree Nut / Peanut Aware” to create a safe environment for children with life-threatening tree nut / peanut allergies.  Our goal is to give children with life-threatening tree nut / peanut allergies a sense of comfort and provide the opportunity for the child to be included in all aspects of the school setting: such as parties, snacks and special rewards.


Procedures include providing education and support resources to teachers, students, parents, administrators, and any other persons affiliated within the school about maintaining a tree nut / peanut aware environment.  However, even with every effort being made, please be aware that the Ellwood City Area School District cannot guarantee items brought into the school in a nut-free facility.  Therefore, parents should educate and guide their children about eating any shared food.


Guidelines for Staff

  1. Teachers, Support staff and all employees within the building will receive annual epi-pen training; including providing education on signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis.
  2. Teachers will be provided with an Emergency Care Plan of Action for each student possessing a life-threatening tree nut / peanut allergy.


Guidelines for Parents / Students

  1. Speak with your child about the serious consequences of tree nut / peanut allergies so that they are aware of the serious nature regarding allergies.
  2. When packing your child’s lunch, please consider tree nut / peanut free choices.
  3. Encourage children to wash hands promptly before and after eating.
  4. A tree nut / peanut free table will be provided in the cafeteria.  Any child who has a tree nut / peanut free lunch is welcome to sit at the table.
  5. All snacks or treats brought into the school will be in packaging with an ingredients list.  Also, it is encouraged to check with your child’s teacher 48 hours before you plan to send in food or beverages to the school.



Frank Keally

Principal, Ellwood City Area School District

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